2.0 ChangelistEdit

-Added new bows (Inferno, Bluefire, Shadow, Hunter)

-Added new plants (tomato and white mushroom)

-Added spike block that damages player and mobs

-Added elevantium that launches player into air

-Added divine tools

-Added 3 new armors (Shadow, Angelic, Divine)

-Added new swords (Poison Saber, Divine Sword, Donator Sword, Sandslash)

-Added specialty ranged weapons (Shurikens, Vile Storm, Sounds Of Music, Ghast Cannon, Frost Cannon, Malestrom)

-Added new shards and stones for crafting

-Added serenade of death

-Added new mobs (Frost, Scorcher, Iceman, Cyclops, Hellspider, Junglespider, Ender Watchers, Hellpig, Undead Miner)

-Added new bosses, The Watcher, Ancient Entity

-Removed mob balls

-Bug fixes

-Armor Rebalance

-Added 4X4 crafting table, can be created by placing two crafting tables next to each other on the ground

Planned Features:Edit

-Grapple cannon

-New equipment slots

-New dimensions (like end and nether)

-New biomes

-More bosses of completely new styles

-More totally new mobs

-New abilities

-Redstone powered damage block


-Mana and mana weapons (spells are currently not planned)



-Much more!

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