Aquatic ItemsEdit

Aquatic items are used for the crafting of aquatic armors. They currently serve no other purpose. However, the aquatic blaze rod is used for aquatic torches.



Aquaballs are used in the creation of aquatic blaze rods and corrupted aquaballs.


Ingredients: Bucket of water, slimeball, kraken skin.

Corrupted AquaballEdit

Corrupt Aquaball

The only current use for corrupted aquaballs is aquastrive armor.

Corrupted Aquaball

Ingredients: Aquaball, empowered ender pearl, empowered ender eye.

Aquatic Blaze RodEdit

Aquatic Blaze Rod

The only current use for aquatic blaze rods is aquatic torches.

Aquatic Blaze RodR

Ingredients: Blaze Rod, Aquaball

Kraken ScaleEdit

Kraken Scale

Kraken scales can be obtained by trading in 15 ink sacks for 1 scale. They are used to create kraken skin.

Kraken SkinEdit

Kraken Skin

Kraken skin is used for the creation of kraken armor and higher tier aquatic items.

Kraken SKin

Ingredients: Kraken Scale

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