Auxillary ToolsEdit

Tools in this sections are tools that currently do not fall into any other group of tools. These tools perform a variety of actions and have a variety of efficiencies and durabilities.

Dalmor Tools Were RemovedEdit

Dalmor BattleaxeEdit

The dalmor battleaxe is a woodcutting axe and a weapon. It provides 8 damage when attacking. It acts as an excellent axe for a long time. It is craftable just as other Dalmor items, with glowing gems.

Efficiency: 35

Durability: 10,000

Dalmor Battleaxe

Ingrendients: Glowing Gem, Shadow Bar

Dalmor ScythEdit

The dalmor scyth is an excellent ground harvesting tool that lasts a good while. It is crafted with glowing gems just as other Dalmor items.

Efficiency: 165

Durability: 10,000

Dalmor Scyth

Ingrendients: Glowing Gem, Shadow Bar

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