Crystalle-Made WeaponsEdit

Weapons in this section are comprised of crystalle. They may contain other ingredients, but a largly based on crystalle.

Crystallite SwordEdit

The crystallite sword is a strong sword that is decently long lasting. It can be created quite easily with the use of crystalle.

Damage: 16

Durability: 3000

Crystallite Sword

Ingredients: Crystallon, Shadow Bar

Crystalle SpikeballEdit

The crystalle spikeball is a very strong weapon that can be crafted from crystallon and iron bars. Although it is easily obtainable, it degrades at the same rate as a diamond sword.

Damage: 19

Durability: 1600

Crystalle Spikeball

Ingredients: Crystallon, Iron Bar

Purple Blazing SpikeballEdit

The purple blazing spikeball is actually not a crystalle based weapon. However for logic reasons, this spikeball was grouped with the other one. It is extremely strong and lasts as long as a diamond sword.

Damage: 23

Durability: 1600

Purple Blazing Spikeball

Ingredients: Purple Blaze, Iron Bar

Blazing Crystalle SwordEdit

The blazing crystalle sword is a permanent sword that is stronger than a diamond sword. Although easy to obtain, it is not nearly as strong as a few other weapons.

Damage: 9

Durability: Infinite

Blazing Crystalle SwordR

Ingredients: Crystallon, Purple Blaze, Sticks