Plasma ToolsEdit

Plasma tools are infinite giving them a major bonus over other tools. They also have a high efficiency compared to other tools. However, they are very difficult to obtain. Just like crystalline tools, they can be combined into a shickaxe.
Plasma Shick

A plasma shickaxe.

Efficiency Of Plasma Tools:

  1. Pick: 60
  2. Axe: 60
  3. Hatchet: 60
  4. Hoe:60
  5. Shickaxe: 70

Durability Of Plasma Tools:

  1. Pick: Infinite
  2. Axe: Infinite
  3. Hatchet: Infinite
  4. Hoe: Infinite
  5. Shickaxe: Infinite


Plasma Axe

Plasma Hoe

Plasma Shovel

Plasma Pickaxe

Ingredients: Plasmon, Sticks

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