Serenades are weapons that allow you to summon lightning where you click. They degrade quickly but are vastly powerful because they can attack several times a second at a far distance. Serenades are crystalle based weapons.

Serenade of HealthEdit

The serenade of health will heal you upon usage. It has 20 uses and will heal you for all your health. It deals no lightning damage. There might be some other weapons that heals the player are Mortality Weapons; it is similar to this serenade.

Serenade Of HealthEdit

Ingredients: Crystalle, Healing Stone

Serenade StrikerEdit

The serenade striker will damage your opponent. It has 30 uses and it does lightning damage.


Ingredients: Crystalle

Serenade Of DeathEdit

The serenade of death causes poison when clicked. It will poison whichever mob/player falls under it's lightning.

Serenade Of DeathR

Ingredients: Crystalle, Shadowstone