Other CraftablesEdit

This section contains ingredients that do not fall into any other category.

Healing StoneEdit

Healing StoneI

The healing stone is used in multiple items that heal you. They are difficult to obtain. In 1.4 they were made to be able to heal you a one time full health regeneration.

Healing StoneR

Ingredients: Magma Cream, Purple Blaze, Glowing Gem

Purple BlazeEdit

Purple Blaze

Purple blazes can be obtained from killing scorchers.

Glowing GemEdit

Glowing Gem

Glowing gems are a possible reward from mob arenas. They are used in all Dalmor items and are used in healing stones. They are also rare drops from cyclops.



Chisels are a handy tool. One chisel is used in the creation of sandstone carvings (both pink and yellow). They are easy to craft. They provide 0 damage as a weapon.


Ingredients: Sticks, Iron Ingot

Mysterious ClockEdit

Mysterious Clock

The mysterious clock is used to summon the boss, Ancient Entity. It is consumed upon use.

Mysterious ClockR

Ingredients: Hellstone Ingot, Clock

Call Of The WatcherEdit


The call of the watcher is used to summon the boss, The Watcher. It is consumed upon use.

Call Of The Watcher

Ingredients: Hellstone Ingot, Watching Eye