The Hater Group (REMOVED)Edit

The tools in the hater group are the most powerful tools in Minecraft. They have an incredible efficiency however the durability isn't lengthy. The Hater Tools were all implemented in the same update, except for the Pure Hate. The Pure Hate will be released as of version 2.1.

Efficiency Of Hater Toos:

  1. Ground Hater: 465
  2. Wood Hater: 400
  3. Good Ol' Farmer: 500
  4. Ore Hater: 400
  5. Pure Hate: Unknown

Durability Of Hater Tools:

  1. Ground Hater: 3000
  2. Wood Hater: 500
  3. Good Ol' Farmer: 2000
  4. Ore Hater: 1000
  5. Pure Hate: Unknown


The Wood Hater

Wood Hater Ingredients: Empowered Ender Pearls, Aquatic Blaze Rods

Good Ol Farmer

Good Ol' Farmer Ingredients: Crystallon, Realmite Block, Sticks

The Ore Hater

Ore Hater Ingredients: Crystallon, Realmite Block, Sticks

Ground Hater2

Ground Hater Ingredients: Magma Cream, Crystallon, Sticks